Carlton Lodge Day 2

Well, what a day!

Year 4 have had an action packed day, full of new experiences and fun. The day started with a lovely cooked breakfast, then the children got themselves ready for climbing trees, building fires, eating bugs, pushing Mr Greenway in the lake and much, much more! Year 4 made and ate their own packed lunch and we took part in a fantastic scavenger hunt this evening (which the teachers won, of course!). We have had a fantastic time so far and we still have one more day to go!

See you all tomorrow 🙂

Carlton Lodge Day1

Good evening from a very wet and soggy Year 4.

We arrived safely, made our own beds, had a quick lunch and then we began our activities…

Miss Burn and Miss Hill’s group started by kayaking and raft building, whilst Mr Greenway’s group were having a go at archery and problem solving. Everyone has had an amazing afternoon, despite the weather! We have all worked really well as a team and had plenty of giggles too!

To finish our day, we had a delicious evening meal, followed by (an unsurprisingly wet and muddy) nightwalk. Afterwards, we relaxed and had a hot chocolate to warm up. All the children are tucked up asleep and refuelling ready for tomorrow! Well done Year 4, a great start to an already memorable trip!

More posts and pictures to follow tomorrow, goodnight 🙂

Unfortunately we are having real difficulties with our internet connection and we have been trying for a long time, we will hopefully be able to upload some pictures tomorrow, very sorry about this.

Hockey Tournament 2016

Today, some of the children from Years 5 and 6 took part in a cluster hockey tournament. Leyburn had two teams competing: Leyburn Lightning and Leyburn Blizzards. Every player played extremely well, with Leyburn Lightning winning their first game 6-0! Leyburn Blizzards won one of their rounds at 6-3!

“It was so fun! There was a lot of action!” Rhys, Y6
“I thought we played well, everyone’s goalkeepers were amazing!” Lily, Y6.

In the end, the Lightning team won against Middleham in the final few seconds. We are all very proud of what we have achieved since this was our very first hockey tournament. You can see our shiny new trophy in the school office.

By Millie and Katie, Y6.

Y3 Space Maths Day

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Today Year 3 went on a trip to Spennithorne Primary to take part in the Space Maths Day with other schools from around our area. We learnt about the names of different types of lines (horizontal, vertical and diagonal), how to make a 12 pointed star and how to make a robot catapult. We had a great day and enjoyed making new friends at the same time!

Y3 become Roman soldiers!

Today Year 3 went on a trip to Murton Park in York where we learnt about how to become Roman soldiers. This involved signing a contract to be a solider for 25 years, dressing as Romans, living in a fort, learning how to make oil lamps, training to fight (including throwing spears and using swords), learning the Latin commands and, finally, being paid our day’s wages! It was a very busy day and, despite the freezing weather and the very wet toes, we all had a brilliant time and the children’s attitude was fantastic. Brrr, who’d want to invade Britain in January…I don’t think we would!!!

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Hinduism – Y4 Making Diva Lamps

How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali?

This half term (Autumn 1) Year 4 have been learning about Divali, a celebration of light. One of the famous stories is the story of Rama and Sita. We studied this tale and made our own Diva lights as a result of hearing the story and learning about Divali.

Rama and Sita were banished from their Kingdom by Rama’s father. They were banished for 14 years… They made their own life in the woods. One day Princess Sita saw a gold dear and asked Rama to get this for her. Whilst he was gone an old man stopped by the cottage. He turned out to be the mean King Ravana in disguise! He kidnapped her to a land far far away.

When Rama returned from his hunt, his princess was gone. An old friend, Hanuman the King of monkeys helped him rescue the princess. They reached the island and killed the mean King saving the princess. They returned to their Kingdom, the path to which was illuminated by diva lamps, lit by the people to guide Rama and Sita home.

We have made our own diva lamps and they are beautiful! Well done Year 4.

Boys’ Cluster Football Tournament 2015

Today we had our first football tournament of the year. We entered two boys’ teams into the football competition which involved schools from across our cluster. Both teams did very well and one team even made it to the final…and won! This means that we are now through to the Level 3 event against schools from across Richmondshire in November.
Congratulations to all of the boys who took part.

Boys no charlie