Carlton Lodge Day 3

Final day today at Carlton Lodge and yet another fun filled experience for all.

After a long day yesterday and a good night’s sleep, the children had to pack their bags, tidy their rooms, strip their beds and make their own lunch again… so now there’s no excuse when they get home!

All the activities were highly enjoyable and fun; the children have had an amazing time experiencing new adventures, learning new skills and working together as a team. Although the class were already a successful team, they have effortlessly strengthened their friendships and supported one-another consistently. On behalf of myself, Miss Burn and Mr Greenway, we were all immensely proud of Year 4; they took part in all activities, they were motivated, enthusiastic, fun, polite and considerate of others- we couldn’t ask for any more! Thank you Year 4, you are a credit to the school and your families. πŸ™‚

A big thank you to all the staff at Carlton Lodge who once again looked after us all and made our time so enjoyable.

Have a lovely weekend Year 4 πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Carlton Lodge Day 3

  1. Chloe mccrossan

    I had a fantastic time at Carlton lodge. I enjoy spending time with friends and teachers and the staff at Carlton lodge. I also enjoy all activities. But most of all kayaking. I would like to thank. Miss hill, miss burn and Mr greenway. For a memorable time.

    Thanks. Chloe mccrossan

  2. HarveyHarvey

    thank you so much miss burn, mr greenway and miss hill. you made the trip that extra bit better. I had so much FUN.

  3. Mrs B

    It is lovely to see you back home, safe and sound. Your families will be so happy to see you all and you’ll have a lot of stories to tell. A big thank you to Miss Burn, Miss Hill and Mr Greenway who made it possible for you.

    See you all on Monday!

  4. Harveys Dad.

    Thank you Miss Hill, Miss Burn and Mr Greenway. Certainly seems to have been a great team building/bonding experience. Harvey had a great time, thanks for looking after him so well and bringing him home safe and sound. Shame he couldn’t push you in the lake Mr Greenway. Thanks again.


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