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Sport Relief 2016

On Friday 18th March, the whole school raised money for Sport Relief. Everyone came to school in something red or sporty and then we all took part in a run around the school. The Year 6s did some brilliant Maths work to work out that we needed to do four laps of the school in order to make one mile. During the run, the older children and younger children worked together in pairs to encourage and support each other. All of the hard work paid off as everyone completed the mile in less than 30 minutes! More importantly, we raised a fantastic £225.85 for Sport Relief. Thank you to all of our parents and children for supporting such a great cause.

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Carlton Lodge Day 3

Final day today at Carlton Lodge and yet another fun filled experience for all.

After a long day yesterday and a good night’s sleep, the children had to pack their bags, tidy their rooms, strip their beds and make their own lunch again… so now there’s no excuse when they get home!

All the activities were highly enjoyable and fun; the children have had an amazing time experiencing new adventures, learning new skills and working together as a team. Although the class were already a successful team, they have effortlessly strengthened their friendships and supported one-another consistently. On behalf of myself, Miss Burn and Mr Greenway, we were all immensely proud of Year 4; they took part in all activities, they were motivated, enthusiastic, fun, polite and considerate of others- we couldn’t ask for any more! Thank you Year 4, you are a credit to the school and your families. 🙂

A big thank you to all the staff at Carlton Lodge who once again looked after us all and made our time so enjoyable.

Have a lovely weekend Year 4 🙂

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Carlton Lodge Day 2

Well, what a day!

Year 4 have had an action packed day, full of new experiences and fun. The day started with a lovely cooked breakfast, then the children got themselves ready for climbing trees, building fires, eating bugs, pushing Mr Greenway in the lake and much, much more! Year 4 made and ate their own packed lunch and we took part in a fantastic scavenger hunt this evening (which the teachers won, of course!). We have had a fantastic time so far and we still have one more day to go!

See you all tomorrow 🙂

Carlton Lodge Day1

Good evening from a very wet and soggy Year 4.

We arrived safely, made our own beds, had a quick lunch and then we began our activities…

Miss Burn and Miss Hill’s group started by kayaking and raft building, whilst Mr Greenway’s group were having a go at archery and problem solving. Everyone has had an amazing afternoon, despite the weather! We have all worked really well as a team and had plenty of giggles too!

To finish our day, we had a delicious evening meal, followed by (an unsurprisingly wet and muddy) nightwalk. Afterwards, we relaxed and had a hot chocolate to warm up. All the children are tucked up asleep and refuelling ready for tomorrow! Well done Year 4, a great start to an already memorable trip!

More posts and pictures to follow tomorrow, goodnight 🙂

Unfortunately we are having real difficulties with our internet connection and we have been trying for a long time, we will hopefully be able to upload some pictures tomorrow, very sorry about this.