Y3 become Roman soldiers!

Today Year 3 went on a trip to Murton Park in York where we learnt about how to become Roman soldiers. This involved signing a contract to be a solider for 25 years, dressing as Romans, living in a fort, learning how to make oil lamps, training to fight (including throwing spears and using swords), learning the Latin commands and, finally, being paid our day’s wages! It was a very busy day and, despite the freezing weather and the very wet toes, we all had a brilliant time and the children’s attitude was fantastic. Brrr, who’d want to invade Britain in January…I don’t think we would!!!

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One thought on “Y3 become Roman soldiers!

  1. Mrs B

    Year 3 had a very exciting day and I’m so glad to see that the cold and wet didn’t dampen their spirits! They have already told me the Latin commands for marching and are rearing to go to tell me all about it. On Friday afternoon they were writing all about it, just to prove to me that they had been. Who would have wanted to have come to this country all those years ago, in the cold and wet?


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