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EYFS parachute games

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The children in Lower Foundation Stage had a great time playing parachute games in the hall.  We managed to get a ball down the hole in the middle by wobbling the parachute and some of the children ran underneath it while the others lifted it up.  At the end we all sat underneath and sat as quietly as mice so no-one would know we were there!

Wonderful Wensleydale!

As part of Year 4’s ‘Wonderful Wensleydale’ topic, we visited our local scenic spot, The Shawl (in Leyburn) for our artwork.

Although a little windy, the children sketched the picturesque landscape brilliantly! We have been studying the artist David Hockney and his colourful use of contrasting colours in landscapes. With this in mind the class will use their sketches and transform them into Wonderful Wensleydale works of art!  Watch this space…

A lovely trip out and truly amazing views! 🙂

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Y5 – Guided Reading – Our box of tricks


Take a look at all of our amazing guided reading resources!

In Year 5, we do Guided Reading every morning at 9:10. All of the children complete a variety of activities which help them with their reading.  Mrs Curtis keeps all of her special resources in a box by her desk ready for the daily session. The activities we do are: Reading with a teacher, What’s in the box?, Spelling, Independent reading and Follow up reading challenges.

Everyone enjoys the different activities; Will says that he loves reading with a teacher and getting creative for What’s in the box?. Henry says that he likes having the opportunity to improve his reading and spelling.

The newest addition to Mrs Curtis’ box of tricks are a pair of read-a-phones – plastic pipes which help the children listen to their own voice when reading. We have had lots of fun trying them out!

Democracy in Action!

In Year 5, we have been learning all about politics and the democratic process. The children have loved forming their own political parties and electing leaders. The parties formed were: UK Red Runners lead by Katelyn, Creativity Party lead by Rhys, Fight for the Country lead by Millie, Solar Party lead by Annabel and The Fabulous Five lead by Ellie.

Each of the parties took part in a merchandise and advertising campaign which culminated in a presentation in front of the whole of Key Stage Two and a ballot to elect a winner.

The election was closely contested but the eventual victors were Fight for the Country. Thanks to Millie’s amazing speech, they gained a massive 46 votes!


Pictures to follow, watch this space