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Partial Solar Eclipse Friday 20 March 2015

It was with great anticipation the Year 3 and 4 classes gathered outside this morning to watch the partial solar eclipse.  The children had made pin-hole cards the previous day to project an image of the sun onto another blank piece of card and watch as the moon cast a shadow over the image.  Unfortunately, the heavy cloud cover meant the children weren’t able to use the cards… but fortunately it also provided us with an opportunity to watch the eclipse safely through the filter of the clouds!  The children then watched a live stream of the eclipse from the Faro Isles.   Year 3 children will be learning about light next term and the eclipse provided a stimulating introduction.


Comic Relief

Today the whole of Leyburn CP School helped to raise money for Comic Relief. We came to school in non-uniform and bought lots of red noses. During the afternoon we then held a Talent Show to showcase all of the brilliant talent that we have in our school and to raise yet more money for Comic Relief. This included: dancing, singing, gymnastics, playing the piano and the recorder, sketches, art-work,  and even some magic tricks and times-tables! Well done to all of the children who took part – it made a fantastic day and helped to raise lots of money for a great cause.


IMG_2453 IMG_2457 IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2464 IMG_2478 IMG_2481 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2487 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2492  IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2497 IMG_2498

To round off the show, some Year 6s led a sing and dance and they even managed to get some teachers involved! Everyone had a brilliant time while also raising money for charity.


Mother’s Day Church Visit

To celebrate Mother’s Day, KS2 attended a Church service at our local church in Leyburn. During the visit, each class presented their own piece of work related to Mother’s Day.

Year 6 delivered a poem:


Year 5 presented their postcards which listed three things that they love about their Mums:


Year 4 shared their own acrostic poem about what makes Mums special:


Year 3 shared their bouquet of flowers:


The service reminded us about the importance of thanking the special people in our lives for everything they do for us and to show them that we appreciate all of their love and kindness.

Cross Country Level 2


Today 48 children from KS2 took part in a Cross Country Competition involving over 900 children from across Richmondshire. Everyone had a brilliant time and, once again, all of the children did Leyburn proud.

In fact, out of all of the schools at the event, Leyburn had the most top 12 finishers with 8 of our children finishing in the top 12 of their event! Olivia from Year 3 came second and won a silver medal! This means that 8 of our children will now compete in the next stage of the competition against schools from across North Yorkshire for a Level 3 event. This is a massive achievement for such a small school and we our very proud of all our runners. Well done Leyburn CP School!


Olivia and Mathilde after coming in the top 12 of the Year 3 Girls race

Olivia and Mathilde after coming in the top 12 of the Year 3 Girls race



Girls’ Football Tournament Level 2 2015

Leyburn Girls' FC

Today Leyburn Girls FC took part in the Level 2 Football Finals after winning our Cluster competition. We played against 11 other teams from our area. We came top in our league and only lost one game!


Chloe dribbling before scoring a goal!

Here is Chloe dribbling the ball before scoring a brilliant goal!


Sinead wasn’t going to be outdone by Chloe and quickly snapped up her own goal!

Altogether we did very well and managed to get into the semi-finals where we lost 1-0. This was our first time competing in the Level 2 finals so we couldn’t be prouder of our team.

Well done Leyburn Girls FC!

Mokee Joe Is Coming!


In January Leyburn School were given the biggest fright of their life!

We were joined by: Middleham, Spennythorne and Hawes Primary schools to listen to the wonderful (but scary!) author, Peter J Murray.

Spellbound by his stories and workshops, everyone caught the scary writing bug!

After Peter J Murray left, the school were VERY excited to start writing their own spooky tales!

Here are a few examples from Year 4…

*CAUTION* These stories are truly terrifying, you may have nightmares!

Here is the link to Peter’s blog post, in which he describes his visit to our school.