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Boys’ Football Tournament February 2015

Leyburn Boys' Football Team

Leyburn Boys’ Football Team

Leyburn Boys’ Football team took part in the football tournament at Jaffa Playing Fields against 10 other teams from around our area. We did very well – out of 5 games we only lost 1 game and conceded 2 goals. We scored a massive 11 goals!

Before we started the competition we took part in some FA skills drills which included practising our dribbling and shooting.


After that we started playing 7-a-side games against the other teams. Here is Joseph scoring a goal (while lying down)!


Altogether we were very proud of our performances.

“We played extremely well and I am pleased with my personal performance.” Joseph, Year 6

“I am very happy that I only conceded 2 goals in the whole tournament.” Nathan, Year 6

Well done Leyburn!