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‘Happy Tihar!’ = ‘Happy Diwali!’

This week Class 4 were fortunate enough to have visitors (Mrs Wilson and Shushma) come to talk about Diwali.

It was really interesting learning about how the festival is celebrated. We talked about how in the Sanskrit language, Diwali/Deepawali (in Nepalese) means ‘light’ ‘row’, which refers to Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and good fortune.

The Diwali festival is celebrated over five days:

Day 1=worship crows

Day 2=worship dogs

Day 3=worship cows

Day 4= worship oxen

Day 5= worship brothers

During Diwali Hindu’s decorate their homes and streets with colourful lights, lamps, candles, flower garlands and Rangoli patterns. They also have fireworks, play games, sing, dance and have special food.

Shushma told us that if you have a Tika then you will live longer! The animals that are worshiped also have Tika marks

One of the best parts of our afternoon was when we were able to try on the sari’s and┬átopi’s (boys hats). The colours, materials and detail were just beautiful!

Thank you Shushma and Mrs Wilson, we thoroughly enjoyed your visit!